Jersey City youth express their creativity with spray paint, create murals in Greenville

Jersey City artists participating in Jersey City Mural Arts Program spray paint historical figures such as Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King, Jr.. The multimedia segment first appeared on Hudson County View.


Some technical difficulty on set, but the news must go on!

Despite the lavalier mic being temporarily offline, I spoke as loudly as possible on set to give the people the news they need to stay informed of the most important community issues. The segment first appeared during the Hudson County View Live & Uncut on Thursday, July 11 at 2:00 PM. on Comcast Channel 190.

Women should have option to go topless in Jersey City, says councilman

The Jersey City Council debated a new ordinance that would revise the city’s obscenity laws that have been on the books since the 1980s, and the councilman who introduced the legislation explains below why he would continue to pursue a new obscenity law that would give the option to women to go topless, similar to the law in New York City that has been on the books since the 1990s. The report originally aired on Hudson County View.

Talking local and national politics with New Jersey online publisher

John Heinis of Hudson County View and I discuss the week’s local stories, as well as national politics in relation to the Democrats’ strategy to retake the House in November. Ms. Mikie Sherril is running for a House seat in NJ’s District 11; will her candidacy be ultimately helped or hurt by the nomination of Democratic Socialists such as Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez in New York?

Very early morning vote by Jersey City Council to move Katyn Monument

Speaker after speaker voiced their disapproval loudly to the Jersey City Council for their vote to move the Katyn Forest Massacre Monument from its current location at Exchange Place to the end of York Street, one block south. On assignment for Hudson County View,  the council finally voted 6 to 3 at nearly 3:00 AM in the morning!