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From the Hudson Media Group’s New Jersey studio, I and John Heinis discuss the week’s most pressing news events.

Education advocacy group proposes school tax levy to fund Jersey City schools

Any talk of raising taxes naturally raises alarms, and compels taxpayers sometimes to comment on social media about why they shouldn’t pay more. But according to an organizer with Jersey City Together, part of a growing broad-based, multi-faith coalition, “If everyone gives a little, it could all add up to a lot,” it could make up a significant budget gap because of drastic reductions in state aid. The original story appeared on Hudson County View.



Jersey City votes to approve new obscenity laws

Six months after the city banned local burlesque performer Lillian Bustle’s show in the city, the city council voted to approve updates to the city’s obscenity laws that haven’t changed since the 1980s and allows artists such as Bustle to continue with her performances. The report originally aired on Hudson County View, an online publication reporting all news in Hudson County, New Jersey.

Women should have option to go topless in Jersey City, says councilman

The Jersey City Council debated a new ordinance that would revise the city’s obscenity laws that have been on the books since the 1980s, and the councilman who introduced the legislation explains below why he would continue to pursue a new obscenity law that would give the option to women to go topless, similar to the law in New York City that has been on the books since the 1990s. The report originally aired on Hudson County View.

Very early morning vote by Jersey City Council to move Katyn Monument

Speaker after speaker voiced their disapproval loudly to the Jersey City Council for their vote to move the Katyn Forest Massacre Monument from its current location at Exchange Place to the end of York Street, one block south. On assignment for Hudson County View,  the council finally voted 6 to 3 at nearly 3:00 AM in the morning!

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop booed announcing new home for Katyn Monument

From the City Council Chambers in Jersey City on Monday morning while on assignment for Hudson County View, Mayor Steven Fulop announces that the Katyn Monument, which commemorates the massacre of over 20,000 Polish Army officers and police officials during World War II, will move from Exchange Place to the foot of York Street. Watch as the lawyer representing those in opposition to the move tries to approach the podium as the mayor is speaking.

Burlesque performers say show must go on!

Lillian Bustle is a burlesque producer and performer in Jersey City who spoke recently before the Jersey City Council in response to the city’s closing of an upcoming burlesque show in the downtown, citing current obscenity laws. While on assignment for Hudson County View, I produced the following video news segment.