Live and uncut in the studio

Much to discuss in politics this week as Hoboken’s first Sikh mayor announces a five-member council team to oust his opponents. The broadcast first appeared on Hudson County View.

Talking local and national politics with New Jersey online publisher

John Heinis of Hudson County View and I discuss the week’s local stories, as well as national politics in relation to the Democrats’ strategy to retake the House in November. Ms. Mikie Sherril is running for a House seat in NJ’s District 11; will her candidacy be ultimately helped or hurt by the nomination of Democratic Socialists such as Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez in New York?

Very early morning vote by Jersey City Council to move Katyn Monument

Speaker after speaker voiced their disapproval loudly to the Jersey City Council for their vote to move the Katyn Forest Massacre Monument from its current location at Exchange Place to the end of York Street, one block south. On assignment for Hudson County View,  the council finally voted 6 to 3 at nearly 3:00 AM in the morning!

New Jersey town marches in 100th Memorial Day Parade

Hundreds of Bayonne, New Jersey residents, along with elected officials marched along Broadway. Along the route we asked them about the personal importance of Memorial Day, as well as their reaction to President Donald Trump possibly meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to discuss denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop booed announcing new home for Katyn Monument

From the City Council Chambers in Jersey City on Monday morning while on assignment for Hudson County View, Mayor Steven Fulop announces that the Katyn Monument, which commemorates the massacre of over 20,000 Polish Army officers and police officials during World War II, will move from Exchange Place to the foot of York Street. Watch as the lawyer representing those in opposition to the move tries to approach the podium as the mayor is speaking.

Bayonne Approves Settlement, Paves Way for Muslim Community Center

On assignment for Hudson County View,, on Monday evening to live stream the Bayonne Zoning Board’s deliberations to authorized a settlement of $400,000 with the Bayonne Muslims, who last year sued the Board for denying them the application to build a community center on Bayonne’s East Side.