More news from the studio

From the Hudson Media Group’s New Jersey studio, I and John Heinis discuss the week’s most pressing news events.

Education advocacy group proposes school tax levy to fund Jersey City schools

Any talk of raising taxes naturally raises alarms, and compels taxpayers sometimes to comment on social media about why they shouldn’t pay more. But according to an organizer with Jersey City Together, part of a growing broad-based, multi-faith coalition, “If everyone gives a little, it could all add up to a lot,” it could make up a significant budget gap because of drastic reductions in state aid. The original story appeared on Hudson County View.



Professors of the City University of New York go north for northern pay

Professors with the Professional Staff Congress at the City University of New York embarked on buses from northern Manhattan on Tuesday, April 24 to make the trek to meet with Albany, NY legislators to inform them why they need at least $7,000 per course to teach, grade, research, and provide the best instruction for New York City college students.

I produced the following video segment to tell their story to their social media audience and the world!