Optician fundraises for No Shave November

A New Jersey optician has fundraised just over $50,000 in the past four years and has dispersed the funds to cancer charities such as Fight Colorectal Cancer. The post originally appeared on Hudson County View.



NJ town partners with HBO and NYC film makers to mentor students in film making

The West New York Public Schools District will be partnering with HBO and LPZ Cinetech, a film and media arts education institute that teaches students the art and craft of film making and connects them to the film industry. Fifteen students were selected and they’ll receive guidance and feedback on their project as they work on it during the school year. The original video segment first appeared on Hudson County View.

Jersey City artist and Airbnb host paints new work at community art show to show support for short-term rentals

Nathan Talyor is a Jersey City-based artist and Airbnb host, who relies on renting his apartment to Airbnb guests to make ends meet. Jersey City voters will have an opportunity to vote on a referendum on November 5 on whether they want regulations on Airbnb short-term rentals. The following video segment first appeared on Hudson County View.


Jersey City PD requesting city council to restore off-duty security details

In 2017, several Jersey City police officers were caught stealing time while claiming on time sheets that they were posted on off-duty security details. The city responded by scaling back the program, but the union representing the officers say the lack of off-duty security details is causing financial hardship, especially for younger members of the force.